How to setup Buddy + Composer with Private Repository

First, you need to add Buddy’s public key in your repo. You can get the publc key here:

…in your project settings. That key seems to be unique to that project!

Then you should download that key and copy it to your clipboard using something like:

Then goto your BitBucket repo and goto Settings > Access Keys and add the above key via copy/paste:

Now, if you are using composer, you’ll need to add one more step:

You’ll need to ensure that your server is aware of by adding:

…to your script. That’s it! Now composer will be able to install your private repo!

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Command to kill processes with autocompletion


The below will help you find and kill open processes.

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How to fix Out of resources when opening file ‘./ms@002dsmb/db.opt Error with MySQL


Had to add to my my.cnf:

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How to export Apples Notes to .md files for backup

This tool allows you to export all of the. It does not export media, but does a good job at least of exporting the text for backup.

Download BackupGot a backup here in case this app goes away.

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How to show/hide Dock Immediately in MacOS


Type that into

To Restore

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